Your most versatile bowl

Keep life fresh
with RIGWA

The RIGWA 1.5 was designed to do what others can’t…

Keep your Food Fresher Longer!

Hot or cold, at home or on-the-go, your RIGWA handles it with ease.

Keep Life Fresh.


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"Time to say bye to my tupperware"

"My favorite bowl in the kitchen"

"We use our RIGWA Bowl every day!"

"Essential camping and hiking gear"

"Keeps everything perfectly fresh"

"It is the perfect size!"


RIGWA 1.5 was designed and created to be your most versatile bowl. We have spent over 2 years creating and refining RIGWA 1.5 to bring you the perfect balance of Functionality, Durability, and Style. 

Functional & Durable

 Spill Proof
• Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel
Two Finger Open Design
 BPA-Free Insulated Lid
 Double-Walled Food Grade Stainless Steel

"The Quality of my RIGWA is incredible!"

"The lid is an absolute game changer!"

"Drop test PASSED; kid approved!"

"Eliminates the need for a cooler"

"Kept my soup hot for 6 hours!"


Over the last two years, and throughout this journey, we’ve come to learn so much about the negative impacts of single-use plastic on our environment. We’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the many applications of the RIGWA 1.5 — each of which help eliminate single-use plastic and other less reusable products. We hope you will share in our passion to reduce single-use plastic and know that with every use of your RIGWA, you’re playing a huge role to reduce plastic waste.


The Family

Behind Rigwa

With four young children in Charleston, SC, we are so fortunate to live an exciting and action-packed life. With endless activities, at home and on the go, we set out to create a product line that could not only keep up with, but enhance our lifestyle. It was on a random weekday night that RIGWA was born. During our taco night with the kids we had a full spread on the table – meat, veggies, beans . . . and of course, QUESO! I had to reheat the queso several times, when I looked at my husband, Zac, and asked, “why don’t they make a vacuum insulated bowl for food?” We have countless tumblers and wine glasses that keep our drinks hot or cold for hours, but I had never seen a bowl that could keep our food fresh longer.

Zac went into research mode as soon as dinner ended . . . days, then weeks of research later, he just couldn’t find anything that we would use. So we decided to GO FOR IT! We designed, then redesigned many times over, a versatile bowl with the perfect balance of functionality, durability, and beauty. We set out to create a bowl that would not only meet our lifestyle needs, but enhance it – a quality product we would put our name on – and we did just that! RIGWA is an assortment of our middle initials, with no hidden meaning, just a constant reminder that “family” is the center of our world. 

Regardless of where your life takes you, the RIGWA Bowl handles it with ease. The beach, boat, mountains, picnics, parties, office, or just your average day around the house – your RIGWA Bowl will help you KEEP LIFE FRESH!

Jericha Jordan


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